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We offer following services:

  • Interpretation. Employees of Akzhilan agency will assist in the communications with your foreign partners - our interpretors are always ready to attend your meetings, conferences or phone negotiations.
  • Written translation. We can translate documents of any difficulty, subject and type, from fiction to technical or medical documentation, inclduing official corporate documents (financial and accounting statement, powers of attorney, statutory documents, etc.). Sample subjects for written translation and interpretation: fiction, business life and correspondence, agreements, marketing and advertisement, medicine, management, reports and reviews, offers and presentations, customs affairs and financial accounting, environment, politics and history, publications, travel and tourism, work/jobs/community, leisure/entertainment, cars, paper industry, mechanic engineering and metallurgy, information technologies and other subjects. We ensure confidentiality of all the information passed to us for translation. On a client's request, we sign the confidentiality agreement that ensures that none of the information given to us will be disclosed.
  • Certification by notary public. One of our services is certification of our translation by notary public which is required for public authorities. Certification by notary public may be one of the steps of preparing documents for Apostille.
  • Legalization. We place an Apostille and legalize official documents of Ukrainian public authorities, embassies and consulates of foreign countries in Ukraine. Timeframe of this kind of service depends on the procedure set by correspondent authority.
  • Proofreading of translated documents. We provide service of checking and proofreading of documents translated, for instance, by your manager who is not a professional translator or if you have reasons to be in doubt regarding translation quality.
  • Retrieving documents.
  • Web sites and audio/video data translation.
Please note: For projects that cost over UAH 200.00 we provide 100% FREE delivery of translated documents to the client within Dnipropetrovsk!

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