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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Why will you will profit from working with us?
    1. Price-quality ratio is a pleasant surprise,
    2. The entire list of services we render speaks about presence of certificated translators in our staff, who garantee linguistic correctness of the work implemented.
    3. We guarantee confidentiality for all the documents that we receive for translation.
    4. VIP customers enjoy an accumulative discount system.
    5. By signing a contract you can cooperate with us without leaving your office.
    6. We provide the translation in the stipulated terms.
    7. Individual approach to the desires of each client.
  • What affects the translation cost? Cost of translation depends on several factors:
    1. Language (depending on popularity, level of difficulty, level of demand). For example, translation from European languages is less expensive than that from Eastern languages;
    2. Urgency (urgent orders take unplanned time and additional expenses postponing the regular orders);
    3. Level of order: under ordinary circumstances, an average translator is able to translate from 5 to 7 pages per day (our Agency charges the Urgency fee for translations exceeding 10 pages per day); when the number of pages exceeds the one mentioned, such order can be classified as Urgent;
    4. Retaining the format of the document (which requires additional services rendered by maker-up personnel).
  • More information can be found on the Prices page. In case of any questions, you are welcome to address our specialists at the following phone number: +38 (056) 734-2-734.

  • Which cases require notary legalization of the translation?
    It depends on the purpose of the translation. If it is a letter from relatives that is translated, then most likely you do not need legalization. If it is an official document, however, that will be submitted to foreign establishments (passport, certificate, high school diploma, diploma etc), then you most likely need legalization.
  • What is the purpose of the notary autorization of the translator's signature?
    To confirm the fact that the document has been translated by a specialist and to validate the document.
  • Which cases require the original copy of the document to be left at the Agency for translation?
    It depends on you. An exception is the case when the translation is seamed to the original copy.
  • How much does the translation cost increase in case of urgent translation?
    The translation cost increases by 100 pct if the order is "today-for-today" and by 50 pct, if the term for translation does not exceed 24 hours (or the quantity of pages does not exceed 10 pages per 24 hours).
  • Can a diploma and an appendix be notarized as a single document?
    No, the diploma and the appendix are notarized separately, as two documents.
  • Is non-cash payment for the translation acceptable?
    Of course, it is. Unless you need notarization, you do not have to come to our office, as the translation will be sent to you by email or using any other form that you prefer. The standard procedure is as follows: You send us the document for translation, we calculate its cost and issue an invoice. Upon payment of the invoice within the term stipulated we send you the ready translation.
  • What are the criteria for selection of the translator?
    The translator to work on your project is selected based on the subject of the translated material. In other words, we select translators who are experienced in the subject to be translated on the basis of concrete features of the translation. When working with VIP customers, we keep a separate translator, or a group of translators, assigned for such clients.
  • How many languages does the Agency make translations to, and what are they?
    As of today, the number exceeds 40 languages. More detailed information can be found on the Main page of our website.

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